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The highest quality of products and stable level of services provided

…thanks to many years of experience in production, specialized and unique production equipment and highly qualified staff.

Speaker Cabinets

We specialize in higher and the highest class products, which are often very complicated and very demanding in relation to quality. Our offer is mainly based on lacquered products in high-gloss and structural technologies.

Products produced under OEM system

In the production process we use OEM system – under the brands of our customers. We have an extensive quality control system that guarantees repeatability and high quality.

Specialized children's furniture

Our offer is enriched also by specialized children`s furniture produced under the “Dioralino” brand and under the brands of our customers. Products have specialized certificates required for children’s furniture.

Project support

We have our own design office, which can cooperate with the client in the field of technological optimization of the product

Diora Świdnica -
  • the production culture
  • high quality
  • new technologies
  • jakość wykonania

experience in wood material production
of the production of loudspeaker cabinets directed to reputable foreign customers
experience as an limited liability company

A great attention to details and the highest quality of product guarantee customer satisfaction.

  • Experience and ability to make very complex wood products
  • The ability to combine different types of materials
  • Well-developed finishing and varnishing technologies
  • Production and supply flexibility, short-run and prototype production
  • Own design office
  • Caring for ecology