Specialized children’s furniture

The other company`s domain is the production of children`s furniture appropriate for nursery or kindergarten, under the Dioralino brand.

The company produces colorful, aesthetically pleasing and attested pre-schooled furniture. The company`s products include children’s cabinets, tables with the function of matching children’s growth , children’s chairs, pre-school lockers, bookcases and many more, that could be founded in the educational places where children are staying.
By creating children’s furniture the company pays attention to the modernity and attractive colors with a great care for their stability and safety. All of company`s furniture for kindergartens and other educational places for children have rounded forms and are made of safe materials. Because of that solution it complies with all standards and approvals for this type of product. Moreover, the furnitures are certified by an independent certification office – Cobrabid BBC.