About the Company

Diora – Świdnica is one of the largest manufacturers of professional loudspeaker cabinets in Europe. The company headquarters is located in Świdnica in the area of the largest economic zone in Europe – WSSE INVEST-PARK. The location of the company is an excellent logistics solution. The company is located within close proximity of the A4 highway and the international airport.


The production plant of the current Diora – Świdnica was established in 1945 as part of the Lower Silesian furniture factories. The factory was located on the premises at Bystrzycka Street in Świdnica where the German company Hugo ROITHNER&Co had operated since the 19th century. It produced wooden sporting goods, exercise equipment, toys, and children’s furniture.

In 1977 by order of the Minister of Economy the company was included in the structure of the Radio Plants DIORA. The company began production of enclosures for the needs of the domestic electronics industry. These were enclosures for TVs, radio receivers, and loudspeakers.

In 1981 the company received the status of a limited liability company. Since then the company has been independent in its market activity. Our own designs of loudspeaker columns and cabinets for radio-television equipment were developed and implemented for sale. The successful market debut of our own products has become an incentive to deepen our market activity.

In the 1990s other successful loudspeaker set designs were developed including the legendary POLARIS series. These products with their outstanding quality of workmanship and design caused an increase in interest in the company and its products from foreign customers. In the mid-1990s, there was a rapid development of cooperation with export markets, and the share of foreign sales in the company’s turnover increased successively to more than 90% of the current company’s turnover.

In 2014 the company was moved to a new headquarters at Towarowa Street in Świdnica. Production started in a modern plant with the highest quality and energy efficiency standards. The company has been a regular supplier for many well-known audiophile brands for years. The company’s main product remains loudspeaker cabinets.

In 2021 the modern machine park was enriched with an electronics installation department and professional listening chambers to allow for acoustic testing of loudspeakers. The company has expanded the range of its services to include the complete assembly of products within the production of private brands for well-known players in the audio market.